Latest Transplantation Results

Retinitis Pigmentosa Patient

A Retinitis Pigmentosa patient has improved from hand motion to 20/160 with ETDRS vision testing at the 7 year follow-up. The patient’s subjective improvement is that she was able to move around in a strange environment as her husband was in the hospital for three weeks. She saw things he needed and brought them to him. She traveled to the nurse’s station in a foreign environment which she could not do before. Now she can go to church and move around freely without someone guiding her. In a restaurant she can move freely or in a grocery store which she could not do before. She looks at ingredients at the grocery store which she could not do before. A magnifying glass can help her with small print.

AMD Patient

An AMD patient has improved from 20/640 to 20/260 at six months! The patient also has noted subjective improvement where this operated eye is now her better eye. She sees her clock better, and when reading with her magnifier she sees better than she did before surgery.

Retinal Transplantation Cumulative Results Since 2002

Retinal Transplantation Cumulative Results

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