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    Norman D. Radtke, MD

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Our team of eye care professionals provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of retina and vitreous disorders including diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration using the latest techniques and advanced research.
Our staff is the best there is at caring for your needs.

  • Service 4 - Phone

    Diagnostic Testing

    The following are diagnostic tests Dr. Radtke and staff use in diagnosing the various diseases and conditions that we treat.

  • Service 3 - First Aid

    Treatment Options

    Several the treatment options available for patients are provided to help you better understand them.

  • Service 2 - Eye

    Vision Test

    The Amsler Grid is used for checking distortion in the vision and for detecting central vision defects.

  • Service 5 - Tear

    Clinical Trials

    We have been conducting research in retinal transplantation of patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Macular Degeneration.


Updated Retinal Bulletin

  • OCT Angiography after Panretinal Photocoagulation

      There is a preferential diversion of blood flow to the macula following panretinal photocoagulation leading to an improved macular perfusion. “Improved Macular Capillary Flow on Optical…

  • Treatment Options for Vitreous Floaters

      The management of patients with bothersome vitreous floaters is controversial. The article below examines the treatment options and makes recommendations as to what is needed to…

  • The Cost Evaluation for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

      Panretinal photocoagulation in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy maintains a more favorable cost utility compared without intravitreal ranibizumab in patients with and with diabetic macular edema…

What Our Patients Say

  • "You could search the world over and never find a finer doctor or crew."

    Max Meek, Patient

  • "Three times better results than I expected. Great staff. I'm thrilled."

    Virginia Suggett, Patient

  • "...very sufficient in explaining everything to me... polite and very kind... compassionate and very helpful"

    Lynda Wood, Patient

  • "I was very pleased with the doctor and his concern for my eyes. He didn't do surgery until absolutely necessary."

    Phyllis Donlon, Patient

  • "I appreciate so much that Dr. Radtke was concerned enough about my eyes and we had never met... he put me at ease and told me to come to Louisville and he'd check me. The staff couldn't be nicer! Thanks so much!"

    Barbara Bridges, Patient

  • "I was very, very pleased with Dr. Radtke. He's very understanding. I'm so glad my friend recommended him."

    Wilma Vail, Patient