Updated Retinal Bulletin

Advances in retinal research and cures.

Findings on OCT

You are following a patient with successful treatment of a subretinal neovascular membrane from any of the following disorders:

Or edema secondary to:

If this patient were to suddenly develop any of the following signs or symptoms or findings on OCT, this may justify a re-referral to the initial treating retinal subspecialist.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Decreased central visual acuity.
  • Complaints of blurred central vision.
  • Rubeosis on the iris.
  • Hazy vision of recent onset.
  • Patient states their vision is cloudy.
  • Hemorrhaging in the fovea on clinical retinal examination.

OCT Findings

  • An OCT finding of retinal thickening at or within 500 units of the center of the macula.
  • An OCT finding of hard exudate at or within 500 units of the center of the macula if associated with adjacent retinal thickening.
  • An OCT finding of a zone or zones of retinal thickening one disc-area in size, at least part of which is with one disc-diameter of the center of the macula.
  • Increased central retinal thickness on OCT.
  • Subretinal fluid over large contiguous drusen in the fovea on OCT.

A phone call to the retinal subspecialist may suffice or he/she may feel examining the patient is in order.