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Clinical Research Using iPS Cells

A Japanese government panel Wednesday June 25, 2013 approved the world’s first clinical research using iPS cells. Massayo Takahoshi, M.D., Ph.d will serve as head of the clinical study in Kobe Japan.

Six patients with wet AMD will have skin cells taken and genetically reprogrammed to become iPS cells. These cells will be modulated to grow into RPE cells which will take 10 months. The sheets of the RPE cells will then be transplanted into the eyes under the retina of patients who have had abnormal blood vessels removed.

These patients will then be monitored over the next four years to determine how well the implants have performed and whether the body has accepted them.

We will all benefit from the information obtained about minimizing tumorigensis from the induced genetic mutations and possible viral contamination regardless of what level of efficacy is attained.