Updated Retinal Bulletin

Advances in retinal research and cures.

Acknowledged by the Foundation for Fighting Blindness

We were acknowledged by the Foundation for Fighting Blindness for our effort in one of six emerging retinal therapies receiving foundation funding as part of its Translational Research Acceleration Program (TRAP). The emerging treatments included those using stem cells, gene therapies, and pharmaceuticals.

Multilayered Cell Replacement Therapy

Many retinal diseases, including Stargardt disease, dry age-related macular degeneration, and choroideremia, lead to loss of photoreceptors and a supportive layer of cells called retina pigment epithelium (RPE). Dr. David Gamm of the University of Wisconsin is using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) to develop a two-layered cell replacement therapy.

To minimize rejection of this and other treatments, he is also developing lines of iPSC from “super donors,” individuals from across the United States whose immune profiles favorably math those of the country’s general population. For these efforts, Dr. Gamm is collaborating with scientists from: University of California, Santa Barbara; University of Pennsylvania; Cellular Dynamics International; and Retina Vitreous Resource Center in Louisville, Kentucky.