Music Therapy

Dr. Radtke has begun implementing the use of music therapy for his surgical patients. Before patients are brought into the operating room, they are given a choice of music styles from which to choose. These styles include Easy Listening, Gospel, Modern Country, Light Jazz, and Classical. A technician then places a mini compact disc player on the patient’s arm and the music is heard through a small earphone placed in the patient’s ear. The patient is exposed to this music before, during, and after the surgery.

Thus far, the response to music therapy has been overwhelmingly positive. Patients report feeling less anxious, more relaxed, and they feel less aware of post-operative pain. Also, patients have experienced lowered blood pressure in some cases due to their state of relaxation before surgery. Without music, however, patients usually experience an increase in blood pressure due to anxiety over the impending surgery.

Note: This is not a clinical study.