Updated Retinal Bulletin

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For Our Patients Receiving Avastin (Bevacizumab)

We are certain our Avastin (bezacizumab) is not counterfeit due to the following:

  1. We only order our Avastin (bezacizumab) from a local compounding pharmacy, accredited by the Professional Compounding Accreditation Board, who receives their supply directly from Genentech, the manufacturer of Avastin (bezacizumab). Each order is shipped in FDA-approved cartons directly from the manufacturer with the words “Genentech” or “Genentech – A Member ofthe Roche Group” printed on the packaging.
  2. FDA-approved Avastin (bezacizumab) contains a six-digit lot number on the product’s packaging and all packaging is printed in English. All lot numbers are logged and confirmed with Genentech as the product is received by the compounding pharmacy.
  3. Counterfeit A vastin (bezacizumab) has letters in the lot numbers and is printed in multiple languages instead of English. Authentic Avastin (bezacizumab) does not have letters in the lot numbers.
  4. The counterfeit product packaging does not come close to looking similar to authentic A vastin (bezacizumab) packaging.

We are certain that our local compounding pharmacy is giving us only FDA-approved Avastin (bezacizumab) direct from the manufacturer.

If you have any further questions, concerns or comments, we will be happy to discuss this matter further with you.